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Aspire X Wick Liquor Mynus Vaporless Device

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The future of stealth vaping has arrived, the ground breaking Wick Liquor X Aspire Mynus gives users the ability to vape undetected where ever your journey takes you. This all possible thanks to the Wick Liquor X Aspire Vapourless technology, a collaboration that bonded two power houses in the vaping industry, to create a compact and ergonomic design packed, with world renound flavours, in their new vapourless identity.  

Using our 20mg nicotine blend, mixed with our top secret vapourless technology, the Mynus allows for users to still receive the same Wick Liquor vaping experience and obtain that much needed throat hit, whilst emitting zero vapor.  

Key Features:


1. Automatic draw

2. Pre-filled disposable system – 0.9ml capacity

3. Innovative vapourless technology

4. Remarkably small

5. Precision designed for comfort

6. 3.5V constant output

7. 20mg Wick Liquor high-hit strength vapourless liquid in 3 unique flavours


Colours and Flavours:


Red: Rich Tobacco


Black: Mixed Fruit


Grey: Icy Menthol


Strength and Type – 20mg Wick Liquor Vapourless


Capacity – 0.9ml per Mynus – Circa 180 inhales per unit


Size – 45x45x13 mm


Battery Technology - Built in Li-po battery, battery capacity: 150 mAh


Coil – Nichrome nano coil technology – 1.8ohm resistance


Material - Mynus is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

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