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Aspire Prestige 9th Tank

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In collaboration with the real underground engineering house NoName, Aspire present the third offering in their highly sort after and celebrated collection of high end and affordable vaping assets.


The Aspire prestige “9th” Tank represents the true potential of combining 2 giant forces and allowing for creative talent and engineering masterminds to give birth to prestigious vaping gear, for the wider world.


The 9th Tank offers users the chance to start experiencing lip-smacking flavour, straight from the box, With the ability to prime your favourite flavours in either the compatible 0.17 mesh coil, inherited from the AVP Pro, or the 9th Tank’s supplied RBA deck, for your go-to coil builds. With its bottom based variable air flow, for those long, relaxed mouth to lung inhales, the atomiser is sure to compliment your favourite build or favourite premium E-liquid flavours 24/7


Aspire are invested in creating a prestige feel from the moment you open the box and with the 9th tank built from precisely engineered materials, with an impeccable eye for detail and functionality at its forefront, fans of Aspire hardware will find fulfilment from dense relaxed flavour plumes from morning to night.

1. Designed by NoName

2. Compatible with both AVP Pro coils and its RBA deck

3. Precise bottom airflow adjustment

4. Incredible intense flavor

5. Super-easy top filling

6. RBA accessories are also included with the 9th tank

7. Premium tank for MTL 


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