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Golisi | S35 Batteries | 3500mAh | 40A | 21700 | Pack of 2

by Golisi
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Product Description


Technical Specs


Battery Safety Disclaimer

Using specialist batteries in e-cigarettes carries inherent risks, and it's imperative that you adhere to these safety guidelines. Our company will not be held accountable for any damages resulting from improper usage or inadequate storage of batteries.

Please ensure the following precautions are taken when handling batteries:

  • Proper Charging: Adhere to the recommended current and voltage levels as specified in the instructions. Avoid charging batteries in extreme temperatures (too cold or too hot). Never leave batteries unattended while charging, and do not exceed a 24-hour charging period. Avoid using modified or damaged chargers.
  • Correct Discharge Current: Do not surpass the discharging current limit mentioned in the instructions, as exceeding this limit may lead to battery overheating.
  • Appropriate Storage: Store batteries in a dry, well-ventilated environment at an ambient temperature. Prevent exposure to excessive heat or cold.
  • Secure Storage: Always store batteries in a protective case when not in use. Refrain from carrying loose batteries in pockets or bags, as contact with metal objects can result in leakage, explosion, or fire hazards.
  • Identify Damage: Do not use batteries that exhibit signs of damage, abnormal heat, discolouration, deformation, or compromised wrapping. Promptly dispose of damaged batteries.
  • Avoid Water and Fire: Keep batteries away from water and fire. Discontinue use and dispose of batteries if they come into contact with water or fire.
  • Microwave and Pressure: Never place batteries in microwave ovens or high-pressure containers.
  • Matching Batteries: Use batteries of the same make, type, and model; do not mix different brands or models.
  • Prevent Shock and Vibration: Minimise exposure to excessive physical shock or vibration.
  • Eye Contact: In case of battery leakage into the eyes, avoid rubbing and immediately rinse with clean water. Seek medical attention promptly. Dispose of the battery and any leaked liquid safely to prevent explosion or fire.

Remember, battery disposal regulations vary by country. Always dispose of batteries in accordance with local guidelines.

For more comprehensive insights into battery safety, refer to our dedicated guide, "Safety Tips for Vape Batteries."

Your well-being is our priority, and we encourage you to prioritise safety at all times when handling e-cigarette batteries.

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